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2017 - 2018
Squirt Tryout Results
Hello Squirt Parents,
The tryout process for Squirts is now complete.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your child's team placement, we ask that you wait at least 24 hours before reaching out to the Level Coordinators with your concerns.
Thank you for your patience throughout this process!
  Squirt A Players   Squirt B Players  
  Henry Bechthold   Taylor Dugan  
  Thomas Began   Daniel Elling  
  William Boppre (G)   Charles Erlandson  
  Tucker Drane   Oliver Fetherston  
  Liam Fetherston   Harrison Kaczor  
        Noah Grundahl                Karsten Kammholz        
  Peyton Hilton   Andrew Mangarelli  
  Thomas Kaltenbach   Willy McGregor  
  Mitchell Kryger   David Moalusi  
  Henry Langerman   Grayson Radakovich  
  Cyrus Laterman   Bryce Siegel  
  Conor Laumann   Preston Slater  
  Sean Nelson   Justice Tomaszewski  
  Dylan Somma   Anderson Werner (G)  
  Squirt A Coaches   Squirt B Coaches  
  Ryan Fetherston   Chip Fetherston  
  Moe Drane   David Dugan  
  Aaron Grundahl   Skip McGregor  
  Peter Nelson   Mark Erlandson  
  Squirt BC Silver Players   Squirt C Blue Players  
  William Art   Zofia Adelman  
  Meredith Bay   Hattie Amato  
  Devin Cass   Sullivan Bennett  
  Ryan Deluca   Alexander Boehm  
  Holden Dietrich   Jae Buerger (G)  
  Brady Farrow (G)   Samuel Eason  
  Johnny Graham   Jacob Gerend  
  Mikael Granstrom   Noah Gibson  
  Gage Juehring   James Hasan  
  Gunter Kocourek   Liesel Kocourek (G)  
  Ben Krauss   Lydia Koscinski  
  Luke Lindemann   Micah McKew  
  Sophia Torinus   Gabriella Ortiz Fleet  
  Kimberly Vuorinen   Benjamin Schweiner  
        Charles Slocum  
  Squirt BC Silver Coaches   Squirt C Blue Coaches  
  Mike Bay   Sal Amato  
  Mike Lindemann   David Koscinski  
  Bob Cass        
  Trent Graham        
  Greg Vuorinen        
  Squirt C White Players   Squirt C Gold Players  
  Brady Bendickson   Brielle Alexander  
  Quinn Bork   Charlie Bolger  
  John Buresh   Daniel Connolly  
  Caroline Cahill   Tyler Groth  
  Lucy Duback   John Hlavach  
  Nicholas Fitzsimmons   Henry Kirchhoefer  
  Colin Hegarty   Hayden Konczal  
  Charles Hoehn   Harrison Krupski  
  Noah Laven   Quinn Larkin  
  Nikhil Lazzaro   Jack McDonnell  
  Rohan Malaney (G)   Max Miller  
  William May   Aston Omer  
  Delia Narrai   Leia Schaefer (G)  
  Jack Wojciechowski   Ella Scott  
        Sawyer Thickens  
  Squirt C White Coaches   Squirt C Gold Coaches  
  James Hegarty   Dwight Larkin  
  Marc Lazzaro   Dennis Kirchhoefer  
  Kevin Bendickson