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Director of Hockey Operations

Position Description

Milwaukee Winter Club, LLC Position Description
Title: Director of Hockey Operations
Appointment: Hired by the Board of Directors of MWC (Board)
Voting Status: Non-Voting
Budget: No Budget responsibility
Term: At will, continue until terminated
Compensation: As agreed upon. This will be a paid part-time, independent contractor position. Reporting: To the President of MWC and the MWC Hockey Development Committee (HDC)

MWC Mission Statement:
The purpose of Milwaukee Winter Club, LLC (“MWC”) is to foster the growth of ice hockey and develop skilled skaters, team play, sportsmanship and self-esteem through a positive and knowledgeable coaching environment and to pursue excellence at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Job Responsibilities:
The Director of Hockey Operations will work closely with the HDC to execute our hockey programs and player development strategy to provide the best hockey experience for the MWC players and families. The MWC Hockey Director will have day to day responsibility for the associations player development strategy. In addition to the President of MWC, the Director of Hockey Operations will report to the HDC, which is comprised of (a) the President of MWC, (b) the level coordinators, (c) the manager coordinator, (d) the goalie coordinator and (e) such other committee member designated by the Board.

The Director of Hockey Operations will, in coordination with the HDC, oversee the following:

  • Creation of a player development plan for MWC, including defining key player development goals for skill and hockey development progression by level (8u through 14u) that are communicated club-wide to coaches.
  • Pre-season and in-season hockey development of MWC players, including:
    • Advising level coordinators and coaches on in-season practice progression for all age and skill levels of play.
    • Organizing and overseeing pre-season goalie and level specific skating sessions
    • Organizing and overseeing a unique week of skating focused sessions the initial week of practices post-tryouts, including recommending outside coaches/vendors to assist with same.
    • Advising on power skating and off-ice training development, including evaluating and recommending outside vendors.
  • Coaching development activities, including:
    • Organizing one or more pre-season and in-season coach development sessions.
    • Overseeing and providing feedback for outside coaching resources and skill-specific help (e.g. power skating coach, goalie coaching, etc.)
    • Being a resource to coaches regarding practice plans by providing ideas, drills and execution of the skill progression for each level.
    • Attending one or more practices and games for each team and age level, including Mites/8U, to observe and provide advice to coaches. Providing coaches feedback throughout the season to help maximize their ability to develop players.
    • Provide guidance for feedback process for player development (pre-, mid- and/or post-season)
  • Assist with tryouts for all levels of play above Mite/8U.
    • Developing a tryout plan for each level in collaboration with the HDC and level coordinators.
    • Assisting level coordinators with sourcing independent evaluators for each level, though level
    • coordinators are responsible for final decision on player placement and evaluators.
  • Coordinate hockey development efforts with the boys and girls hockey coaches at University School of Milwaukee and WNS.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for coaches regarding inquires with respect to hockey development issues.
  • Provide period reports to the Board on the status of player and coach development.

The Director of Hockey Operations will not be the following:

  • The primary point of contact for SafeSport issues.
  • The primary point of contact for parent complaints with respect to playing time or coaching, as such complaints or inquiries should be made to level coordinators; however, the Director of Hockey Operations will consult with and play a part in resolving such issues because they are integral to the successful development of MWC players and teams.
  • Primarily responsible for goalie development; however the Director of Hockey Operations will interact with the MWC Goalie Coordinator and outside goalie development provider regarding hockey development issues as they arise and will provide general guidance to the HDC and the Board regarding goalie development.

Strong interpersonal skills, including electronic communication skills, are vital in this position in corresponding with MWC officers, Board members, Level Coordinators, Coaches and outside vendors.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous youth hockey coaching experience
  • Previous experience teaching skills development
  • Previous experience and success building a Youth Hockey program
  • Previous experience playing college hockey and/or professional at any level

Compensation for this position is estimated to be between $10,000 and $15,000 per season, depending on qualifications and experience.

Interested parties should contact MWC President, John McDonald, at 301-802-1038, or email at Interested parties should respond by May 7, 2023.
April 28, 2023