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Wisconsin Hockey Officials Association (WHOA )/USA Hockey  online registration to become an official for the 2017-18 season is NOW OPEN at:

You must be 12 years old on or before November 12, 2017 to be an official in Wisconsin.  One of the requirements is to attend as WHOA seminar. There will be two seminars in our area this season; Saturday  August 27 at MSOE and Saturday September 17 at Arrowhead.  More information about becoming an official is available here.


From: Bob Peschel, Coordinator of Officials

            Home: (414) 962-2525
            Cell: (414) 507-2878
            Work: (414) 643-4150 It’s OK to call me here



Officiating Procedures


  1. Training: Classroom and on-ice training sessions will be held at the beginning of the season. Every new official must participate in one training session before they are assigned a game.

  2. Scheduling Officials: Telephone calls and emails will be made by me beginning Monday night (around 7:00 -9:00 PM) to schedule officials for the upcoming weekend. Depending on the progress of filling the schedule, telephone calls/emails will continue to be made on subsequent nights until all games are filled. If you are not home, I will leave a message. Please call or email me back as soon as you can as I will try to fill the schedule first come first serve.

  3. Accepting/Changing Assignments: If you accept an assignment to officiate a game or games, you will be placed on the schedule and it will be your responsibility to be present for those games. If you are unable to make a game assignment after you have been scheduled, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. A list of MWC officials will be sent to you. Once you have arranged for a replacement, you must contact me by telephone or by email so I can make sure the right official gets paid.

  4. Assignment Logic: Games will be assigned based on your level of experience, game performance and availability. First year officials will be required to officiate 5 Mite level cross ice games. Pairings of officials will be based on level of game, team reputations, and the promotion of officiating development. MWC will be scheduling the TWO-PERSON system for most games. The THREE-PERSON system may be used for select Peewee and Bantam games. I will attempt to be fair in distributing game assignments but this will also depend on your availability and reliability.

  5. Officials Schedule on Website: The schedule for game officials will be posted on the MWC website: , click “Officials”. Coaches, team managers and anyone else will be able to see the officials’ game assignments. You should check the officials schedule on the website rather than contacting me in the event you forget your assignment or if you want to know who your partner is.

  6. Cancelled Games: If a game is cancelled, I will contact you ASAP. If you are not notified in time to stop you from going to the rink or I am not notified and you go to the rink, you will still get paid the same as if you officiated that game. You must remain at the rink 15 minutes after the scheduled start time in the event the game has a delayed start. Talk to the team official (manager or coach) before you leave the rink.

  7. Pay: Paychecks will be issued approximately every six weeks. The first around mid-December, the second at the end of January and the third at the end of the season in mid-March.

    Payment Schedule: Mite/Squirt/ U-12 Girls ($20); PeeWee/U-14 Girls /Bantam ($30)

  8. Be Prepared: You should be at the rink 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the game. Be dressed and ready to go 10 minutes before game time. Proper equipment includes a black helmet w/ tightened chin strap, an official sweater with your current patch, plain black pants and skates with white laces. Dress warmly as USM is the “coldest rink on Earth”. Be sure to discuss with your partner in advance ice coverage, game control, and on-ice communications.

  9. Remember: Our job is to make sure games are played SAFE and FAIR….. Be in position; goal line, blue line, blue line, goal line…… Blow your whistle with authority…….. HAVE FUN! It’s only a game.